Relevvo is the System of Orchestration for Sales Teams

Relevvo helps GTM teams identify, prioritize, and engage the right B2B prospects to unlock pipeline growth.

Trusted By Leading SaaS Companies

Identify New ICP Prospect Accounts

Relevvo helps you identify the accounts that are most likely to engage with you by tracking funding, job, exec movement, and hundreds of other relevant signals.

Prioritize Your Highest Value Accounts

Focus on the highest-value accounts. We work with your GTM teams to develop and deploy prioritization models that help you focus on your biggest and best accounts.

Engage with the Right Prospect Contacts with Relevant Context

Relevvo arms GTM teams with rich and relevant context in your chosen system of action to improve response rates.

Monitor Prospecting Activity by Persona by Account

Track if you’re reaching out to all the relevant prospects by account and by priority levels. Arm your team members with this information so that they can work accounts properly.

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