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Identify : Maximize your TAM

Relevvo tracks relevant signals such as funding, jobs, exec movement, etc. to identify the accounts that are more likely to engage with you.

Prioritize : Multiply your Effectiveness

Relevvo’s prioritization models help you prioritize accounts that have the highest need for your product (and which don’t) so you can most effectively use your limited time.

Prioritize : Maximize your coverage

Relevvo helps you prioritize your effort on the best contacts by showing you which personas you are missing (and which you shouldn’t reach out to)

Engage : Maximize your hit rate

Relevvo provides a variety of relevant signals to personalize your outreach and get prospects’ attention

Monitor : Track Team Performance

Track if your teams are reaching out to your best accounts and prospects and pinpoint where you need to help your teams.

Our Customers Love Us!

Daniil Krets
Senior Manager, Global Sales Development,
“Relevvo has helped us take a more sophisticated approach to our targeting and our persona-based messaging, and together these things have helped us exceed our meeting and pipeline numbers.”
Drew Spitzer
AVP of Sales Development, Carrot Fertility
“By helping us capture the research that individual SDRs were doing in the form of ‘Plays’, Relevvo is helping us target the right accounts by automatically pulling in the insights that we know are most relevant to our prospects.”
Carrot Fertility who was recently promoted to AE
“One of the first questions I asked myself when I got promoted to an AE is if I would get to keep using Relevvo.”
“Seeing which personas are being sequenced was mindblowing. I realized I was spending a lot of time sequencing the wrong persona!”
“Relelevvo regularly helps me identify great accounts to work that I would otherwise have missed.”