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Prioritize Your Top Accounts

Relevvo identifies and scores accounts that are the best fit for your use cases. Sales and Marketing teams can maximize their hit rates by focusing their efforts on these highest pipeline value accounts.

Maximize Your Account Reach

Relevvo builds contact lists for your target personas and highlights any current gaps in coverage for each account. You can ensure maximum coverage for the personas most likely to respond at all times.

Engage with Relevance

Relevvo surfaces buyer pains and needs signals from across their SEC filings, job listings etc. Referencing these signals in your Marketing and Sales content dramatically boosts engagement by making it highly relevant to your targeted accounts.

Improve Effectiveness Continuously

Relevvo continuously monitors how each use case fit signal is influencing your pipeline. This real-time visibility into what’s driving your pipeline can help you 2x your effectiveness.

Our Customers Love Us!

Joey Saucedo
VP of Sales, Marketing Growth, & RevOps, FireMon
As someone who’s been in the Sales Development space for the last 2 decades, you’re always looking at ways to apply what your top performers are doing across the rest of the team. What’s critical is to duplicate the relevance and timing aspects of what the top performers are doing. That’s exactly what Relevvo is helping us do. Relevvo has helped us double our outbound productivity in a very short time.
Theresa Woodiel
Director of ABM & Integrated Marketing, DeepInstinct
Relevvo’s technology has been especially helpful in identifying the early adopters for our use cases. Evidence of high pain is especially difficult to find until you start talking to someone on the phone but how do you know who you should get on the phone? That’s what Relevvo has been able to help us find. We can now locate those early adopters and innovators by combining all of these signals of use case fit.
Jordan Con
Head of Product Marketing & Account Based Marketing,
Relevvo has been instrumental in helping find companies that the best use case fit for our solution. The iterative process of identification is what’s most impressed me about Relevvo. The solution identities and operationalizes the most valuable signals of use case fit for Esper on an ongoing basis.
Scott Swanson
VP of Demand Generation,
Relevvo makes it possible for us to make smarter decisions by serving as the connective tissue between Salesforce and Outreach. We have big revenue goals and a limited amount of accounts that we can work so we need to make sure we are working them the right way. Relevvo helps us make sure that we are.