We Are Relevvo

We’re a team of experienced, passionate, and purpose-driven engineers and GTM Geeks who are on a mission to revolutionize how companies identify and connect with their best buyers.

Teeter Totter


We met at Microsoft where we were core members of the team that incubated and subsequently commercially launched the first Microsoft Azure cloud offering. We’ve since spent time at a host of startups and fast-growing companies helping GTM teams connect with new prospects.

For Aashish, it was while running GTM teams at companies like Apptio, Amperity, and Skilljar. He has some hard-earned lessons from taking a systems-based approach to building, scaling, and optimizing ABM programs at different stages of the startup lifecycle.


For Tushar, it was in his experience as a Product leader building enterprise products at VMware, Cloudera, and in particular LinkedIn. At LinkedIn, he built multiple products that extracted relevance from the social graph, one of which specifically improved sales productivity.

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Who We Are

We Dream Big

We have an ambitious vision and mission. The only way we can achieve that is if each team member has an ambitious vision and mission for their area of ownership. For each endeavour, we ask ourselves and others - are we dreaming big enough?

We are Collaborative

As valuable as we are as individuals, we are exponentially more valuable when aligned and working together. We believe great ideas and inspirations come from everyone. We ask what we can do to help each other be successful and achieve the company’s mission.

We Value our Relationships

It’s important to deliver results but not at the expense of our relationships. We value compassion and understand that others’ experiences and perspectives may differ from our own. By showing respect for this and fostering trust across customers, colleagues and partners, we all succeed individually and as a group.

We Embrace a Growth Mindset

We set measurable and actionable goals, and continuously learn, iterate and improve. We celebrate both successes and failures and we learn from both. We keep raising the bar and keep growing to clear it.

We have Fun

While we work hard to realize Relevvo’s mission, it’s important to have fun while we do it. We have a sense of humor and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy our work and the people we work with.


Our Investors

We recently raised a seed round led by Founders Co-op with participation from Precursor Ventures and prominent angels including Julian Alvarez (CEO, Logixboard), Nick Soman (CEO, Decent), Prashant Ketkar (COO, Corel), and others.

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