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4 Active ICP Signals Revealed by Relevvo Machine Learning

The Big A-ha

Machine Learning can be a game changer for B2B companies looking to target their Active ICP accounts.

Why It Matters

In their quest to drive efficient growth, B2B companies are struggling to identify the Active ICP companies that most need their solution and then engage with buyers at these companies with the relevant context.

Machine learning can help Marketing and Sales teams target the right buyers at their Active ICP accounts by tracking millions of data points across thousands of data sources on an ongoing basis.

Go Deeper: 4 Illustrative Examples

Relevvo is an AI-powered platform that automatically surfaces your Active ICP accounts and contacts along with the relevant context for targeting. Leading companies like Carrot Fertility, Esper, FireMon, iSpot, and more are currently relying on Relevvo to 2x their pipeline generation.

How does Relevvo deliver these results? 

Relevvo analyzes thousands of public data sources to aggregate and parse out the most significant Active ICP signals for our customers for their sales and marketing efforts. The platform analyzes these signals across data sources such as SEC filings, job listings, social media posts, news articles, and much more.

Most of the heavy work here is done by AI and automation, and here we share four illustrative B2B examples to give a taste of what’s possible with Relevvo.

  1. Quarterly Reports (10Q) are not shorter versions of Annual Reports (10K)

    The two documents, both filed by public companies in the US, contain different amounts of information for various topics.

    For example, “stock splits” and “breaches” are mentioned significantly more times in the quarterly report than the annual report, whereas “appoint” is mentioned more frequently in the annual report. 

Relevvo found that this is the case across most of our data sources. Each data source contains different vocabularies and different topics. For B2B sales, this means that we have to identify the right  data source for a given  relevant signal and use a greater level for sophistication in the model to extract the signal 

Source:, random sample of 1000 companies with available 10K and 10Q data

  1. The 2022 layoffs didn’t all happen in November, it was a snowball effect.
    During the winter of 2022, we saw headline after headline of layoffs from large companies like DoorDash and CNN announcing massive layoffs. It seemed to hit all at once, but, in fact, large companies have been laying off increasing amounts of their employees since the early summer of last year.

Relevvo’s AI models were able to detect this snowball effect trend earlier in the past year. For B2B sales and marketing, the earlier they sense these trends, the better they are able to position themselves to come out ahead.

Source:, only layoffs for major companies in 2022 were represented in the above graph

  1. Large companies are caveating “Growth” with “Efficient”
    “Growth” is one of the most frequent topics in earnings calls for public companies. Whether it’s growing their revenue or company size, companies almost always talk about growth strategies during their public earning calls. In 2022, however, we’ve seen growth mentions with more caveats. In fact, mentions of “efficient growth” more than tripled in earnings calls in late 2022 compared to previous quarters.

“Efficient growth” is just one of several trends that Relevvo’s AI models are able to capture. We detect various such macroeconomic trends to help sales and marketing teams to align their messaging with prospects at the right time. 


  1. Companies’ investment in marketing highly correlates with investment with sales

Although this finding may not be a surprise to most, what is surprising is just how much investments in marketing and sales go hand in hand for public companies. While analyzing earnings calls over the past seven quarters, Relevvo’s AI models detected a significant correlation between mentions of investment in sales and investment in marketing, or lack thereof.

This high correlation means that there are good reasons that B2B sales should go hand in hand with B2B marketing. Having an aligned marketing and sales strategy can be instrumental in converting a lead into a deal.


These are just 4 illustrative samples of the sophistication of signals that are possible to extract with Relevvo that can give a significant competitive advantage to sales and marketing teams. 

Interested in identifying and targeting your Active ICP? 

GTM leaders at fast-growing companies like Esper, Hiya, iSpot, and more rely on Relevvo to prioritize their Active ICP accounts and contacts. Relevvo’s AI-powered platform automatically surfaces Active ICP accounts and contacts along with the relevant context for targeting. Click here to get a demo today!

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